Q. Where are you located?

      A. We are located in San Francisco bay area but we are willing to travel anywhere that a plan can reach.

      Q. Do you offer the CD negatives or digital files?

      A. Yes! We now upload all of your images to an online album where you can view/order and download all of your high res files to your computer. We will e-mail you your password as soon as we finish editing your photos. So, the answer is YES, but in a different format than CD.

      Q. How long do you keep my photos?

      A. We keep every edited photo for 3 years!

      Q. Do you shoot with an assistant or second photographer?

      A. Yes, by default you will get both of us Adam & Hanna to photograph your wedding.

      Q. Do I have to purchase an album now, or can I wait?

      A. You can wait! You can order an album or prints at anytime after the wedding.

      Q. How long does it take to get my pictures back?

      A. A typical wedding takes about 6 to 8 weeks to finish.

      Q. What if I cancel my wedding after I have already booked?

      A. The retainer is non-refundable however, we understand that sometimes things happen so we accept re-scheduling your wedding day for another day withing 6 month based on our availability.

      Q. Do you touch up minor blemishes?

      A. Yes! Each photo is touched mostly for light and color correction, and if there is a small blemish or mark, I try to make sure to clean it up.

      Q. How many pictures to you take at a wedding?

      A. We take hundreds of photos and then sort through and only edit the absolutely BEST photos and provide you an average between 75-100 photos per each coverage hour.

      Q. Do you have liability insurance?

      A. Yes.

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