We love this location! It is good for romantic photos. Small boats are also available for renting to sail Stow Lake. There are more than one scene to take photos there, the lake, greenery area, wood and small Japanese temple!


      50 Stow Lake Dr E, San Francisco, CA 94118

      Direction: click here

      Stow Lake is located between John F. Kennedy Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Drive – west of the Japanese Tea Gardens.

      There are many staircases and paths that lead to the lake, including a stairway found on the path leaving the rear exit of the Japanese Tea Garden, as well as steps leading up from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.


      Free parking is available along Stow Lake Drive. However, keep in mind that no cars are allowed on John F. Kennedy Drive on Saturdays (April to September) or Sundays (year-round) – access is only available then from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.